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Material is Ingot ( Aluminium ). This is a part of automobile engine. ( Die-casting + machining ). It control timming chain's tension in touch with timming chain inside automobile engine. The role is that rotating chain along a certain trajectory can move in supporting. These are parts of chain drive system which go into automobile engine. Manufacture process is as following. ① Input raw material ( Ingot ALDC 12 ) ② Die-casting ③ Grinding / Machining ④ Inspection / Packing ⑤ Forwarding. Die-casting tonnage is normally 350 ton.


Established on 1st July 1986. Woosung A.D.M is a leading manufacturer in the area of Aluminium Die-casting parts. ( Automobile parts, Industrial parts ). We are supplying products to main global tier 1 automobile company on the base of experience and technical know-how over 30 years in aluminum die casting product manufacturer. High quality and Competitive price in the world are Woosung's strong point. All employees put in a great deal of effort and sincere to obtain position as global leader on the base of steady technology accumulation and research results. Woosung's motto is right knowing, right thinking and right acting. Woosung change global resources to useful value to customer through advanced technology and contribute happy future creation of humanity with customer.